Emergency Maintenance

Below are situations that require our Maintenance Staff to visit a property after normal business hours.

If you need emergency assistance after hours, please call 704-559-5813*

* Expenses associated with after hours repairs that are found to be the result of tenant/owner negligence/mistake will be billed directly to the tenant/owner.

Commercial Tenants, Residential Tenants, & Residential Owners with Units Under Warranty *
  • No heat and the outside temperature is below 55 degrees or will be below 55 degrees
  • No air conditioning and the outside temperature is above 80 degrees will be above 80 degrees

* Residential owners with a unit no longer under builder's warranty are responsible for maintaining and repairing their unit's HVAC equipment.

  • No electricity to major appliances such as refrigerator, stove or HVAC units
  • No electricity to over 50% of the home

  • Clogged sewer line(s) - ONLY if there is no other usable bathroom
  • Burst water supply lines

  • Roof damage - tree limbs, wind, storms
  • Elevator malfunction
  • Community entrance is inaccessible
  • Ice on sidewalks or stairs that could lead to a fall

  • Security/Entrance Gate malfunction
  • Fire Systems - smoke alarm continuously sounding, sprinklers running, etc.
  • Break-in/Burglary
  • Broken Lock/Broken Window - ONLY if it presents an immediate security concern
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