Our Communities

Access Property Management serves many community associations in the Charlotte area. Below is a sampling of some of the associations we're proud to manage.

Steelhaus COA: Inspired by European design, Steelhaus features a dramatic exterior that incorporates mixed materials such as galvanized aluminum panels, tinted concrete masonry, and flying cantilevered bays. The building features 12 residential flats on the second and third floors and four commercial bays on the ground level.
Rutzler COA: The Rutzler is a circa 1928 apartment building that now houses 18 newly converted residential condominium units. Located in Charlotte's Elizabeth National Historic District, the Rutzler boasts magnificent High Renaissance architecture and original finishes such as three-over-one windows, crystal door hardware, tile floors, hardwoods and cast iron tubs.
Southborough COA: Southborough is a new mixed use community located between the South End and Dilworth neighborhoods. Southborough's residential component consists of 69 flats and townhomes with landscape amenities that include fountains, pocket parks and garden areas.
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